Church window project showcases custom abilities

DSCN1782When Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sheboygan needed to get 18 stained glass windows repaired, they turned to Nyhof Custom Gutter and Aluminum for the job.

The project required the Nyhof team to custom-fit clear glass Marvin windows so they could be placed back-to-back with the church’s existing stained glass windows, a unique project that required flexibility and an ability to do custom work.

It wasn’t the first time Our Savior’s has called upon Nyhof. Over the past six years, the chairman of the church’s Board of Trustees has trusted Nyhof with a variety of projects that had been put off for years. Ken Halvorsen, who became the chairman about six years ago, worked with Nyhof a lot in his career as a general contractor and knew he could trust the company with projects at his church.

“Nyhof did all the overhangs, aluminum trim, gutters, replacement windows in classroom areas – they’ve been there quite a bit over the last five or six years,” Halverson said. “Last year they put in 30 windows, now 18.”

This year’s project was tricky because the new Marvin windows had to share space with the stained glass, making specially designed window sashes necessary. It’s been on the church’s to-do list a long time, Halverson said.

“The windows needed to be replaced about 10 years ago,” he said. “We had something similar, except they were about 65 years old and weather beaten.”

After some dedicated fundraising over the past several years, the church is able to start checking projects off its list.

Now, the clear glass windows face outside the church and the colorful stained glass windows are clearly visible from inside.

“We’ve been extremely happy with the work we get from Nyhof,” Halverson said. “They’re very competitive with the prices and if there’s anything that needs to be addressed, they’re usually right there right away. Service has been excellent.”

From custom window projects to gutters, aluminum siding, insulation and a host of other projects, Nyhof Custom Gutter and Aluminum is the place to go for projects, big or small, that need a craftsman’s touch and an affordable price tag.

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