Save your gutters, save money: Gutter Helmet to the rescue

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What are the most important two words in the world of home rainwater management? Are you thinking “gutters and downspouts?” Good try, but no. The answer is “surface tension.”Gutter Helmet 1

When your gutters are open to the sky, rainwater falls right in and if everything is working right, the water travels along the gutters, down the downspouts and away from your home into the storm sewers or wherever you direct your water.

But if rainwater can fall in, so can leaves from the trees around your home, seeds (and other stuff) from birds flying overhead and any other debris light enough to blow around in the wind. And unless you get up on a ladder periodically and pull that gunk out by hand – or pay someone to do it for you – the rainwater that falls into your gutter isn’t going anywhere.

Instead, it will sit there. And that still, murky moisture is a very inviting place for mosquitos to lay their eggs. The seeds that ended up in there can take root in the water and the next thing you know, you’ve got a little weed patch growing in your gutters.

Sound good? No, of course not. That brings us back to our two words: Surface tension. And two bonus words: Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet fits over the top of your gutters to block anything but water from getting in. Using surface tension – the elasticity of water that makes its molecules stick together – Gutter Helmet encourages rainwater to cling to its textured surface and slide into the gutter.

Nyhof Custom Gutter & Aluminum has been selling Gutter Helmet for almost 20 years because it’s proved itself a great product. When we introduced it to the Sheboygan County area in the mid-90s, covering the gutter’s opening except for a small, 3/8th-inch slit for the water to enter was a totally new concept.

It’s not a revolutionary idea anymore, but Gutter Helmet is still the cream of the crop. Priced for the budget-conscious homeowner and with a lifetime warranty, there is no downside to Gutter Helmet. If your gutters are in good shape, we can install Gutter Helmet over them no matter what kind they are.

And let’s talk about that lifetime warranty, too. That means if anything goes wrong with your Gutter Helmet ever, we come out and fix it, no questions asked.

Over the years, Gutter Helmet has been improved in several ways. For instance, it’s stronger and more durable now than the original thanks to a better bracket system that attaches it to the house.

If it sounds like much ado about nothing, think for a moment about what happens when water backs up in your gutters, in addition to the bugs and the weeks.

Gutters are nailed or screwed to fascia boards on your house. When they fill up, the water soaks into the fascia, eventually rotting it out and causing bigger issues for your gutters and even your roof. When gutters clog and overflow, the water falls to the ground right next to your foundation and that can lead to moisture in your basement.

Gutter Helmet can extend the life of your gutters by helping to avoid all those problems.

Nyhof Custom Gutter & Aluminum is the only dealer of Gutter Helmet in the region. Let us take a look at your gutters and help them live a little longer – and save you a truckload of work at the same time.

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