Variety of siding options opens up countless possibilities for home

By some measures, more than a third of all the homes in the United States are clad in vinyl siding. That many homeowners can’t be wrong, but not all siding is created equal.

siding installation

At Nyhof Custom Gutter & Aluminum, siding is one of the things we do best. We have a crew that is dedicated solely to siding and trim, ensuring that our customers are getting high-quality, professional service.

We offer a variety of siding options to suit every home and every homeowner’s taste. Some of those include:




  • Norandex Woodsman Select: With a .042 thickness, this line of vinyl siding has a wide color palette and superior definition along shadow lines. With great quality and affordable prices, this is a popular option.
  • ProVia Heartland Heart Tech: Offering unique wood grain that looks almost just like the real thing, this line also boasts a huge color selection and a .044 thickness.
  • Foundry Shake: This line is an accent usually used for gable ends or accent sections. We keep the Perfection shingles in stock, but can also supply the regular shingles, staggered shake and split shake. This is a very affordable shake that looks rich and realistic. Another plus is that the transition from Foundry shake to traditional horizontal siding is an easy one for installers. The most popular colors for this product are Oceanside, Shadow, Cocoa and Putty.
LP Smart side wood



  • LP Smart Siding, which is actually engineered wood, offers the beauty of wood and better durability, fewer irregularities and resistance to the warping and twisting that bedevils natural wood. It mimics the look of cedar for a much more affordable price. It offers wood grain patterns in authentic natural textures and can be used for trim, panel, soffit and fascia.


Steel siding


Quality Edge steel siding is more expensive than vinyl, but it lasts virtually forever. Energy efficient and strong, it doesn’t fade and doesn’t bow to hail or other severe weather. Though steel siding hasn’t been enormously popular in our area, if you’re looking for a distinctive look and a lifetime of zero maintenance on the outside of your house, give it a look.

Siding – whether you opt for vinyl, wood or steel – packs the biggest punch for the look and efficiency of your house. If it’s time to upgrade, let us help you choose the best product for your budget and your style.

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