Meets the standards set by the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes Program for rated R-value, with no voids, no gaps, no airflow through insulation, no misalignment, and no compression in wall, floor, ceiling, knee wall or roof insulation and provides:

  • increased “R” value
  • cost reduction
  • fire safety
  • moisture control
  • pest control
  • sound control
  • allergy reduction
  • ultimate comfort

The high performance custom fit insulation that assures your family’s comfort and lowers your energy costs.Here are some of the ways cellulose insulation meets the high standards of the Wisconsin Energy Star Homes Program:

Interlocking Fibers:
Shown magnified many times, tiny cellulose fibers interlock as they are blown in place under high pressure, flowing around pipes and wiring, sealing cracks and corners, forming a felt-like bond.

Around Pipes:
Today’s buildings have more complex plumbing, electrical lines, conduits and control wiring than in the past.  Cellulose fibers provide protection and still allow access if necessary.

Fire Protection: an extra value
Often specified for fire walls, cellulose fiber resists kindling temperatures and blocks air flow within the wall when compared to other insulating products which tend to allow combustion to take place within a wall as temperatures increase. Cellulose has superior STC and commercial fire-wall qualities.  It’s fire resistance qualities have stood the test of time for more than 20 years. High pressure spraying reaches into wall cracks and crevices in the framing. The trimmed wall is solidly packed.  The cellulose fiber has become an integral part of the wall.

Cellulose has double insulating power through its ability to capture air around and inside each hollow fiber.  This gives it one of the highest insulating or “R” values of any cavity insulation

The high density and bonding process insures that your insulation performance is at its peak when you need it most.  Many conventional insulations lose 50% of their “R” value due to poor installation and extreme weather conditions, why wait until the first winter storm to see if your insulation works?

All insulation is not created equal!

We cannot base our choice of insulation on R-value alone.  R-value is a laboratory measurement and does not effectively measure the crucial convection, conduction and radiation that occur in your home.

The NYHOF Complete Service
Think of the all-important caulking of potential sources of outside air leakage – of vapor barriers properly installed. Many builders specify cellulose insulation for sound control in interior walls and floors, and for extra fire protection around attached garages. State of the art blown-in-place cellulose is the best, most efficient, safest, healthiest, and cost-effective insulation for your home or commercial building.

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