Gutter Helmet® – Gutter Protection System

How It Works:

1. The patented flow-limiting, ribbed design slows a spreads water, causing it to flow easily into your gutters.

2. The simple physical law of surface tension forces water around the Gutter Helmet nose and into your gutters while debris falls to the ground.

3. The nose of Gutter Helmet extends past the edge of the gutter, eliminating ALL vertical openings.

4. The 3/8″ horizontal gap will handle the heaviest rains but keep out the animals and debris.

5. Gutter Helmet’s patented texturing process creates a stronger but lighter panel that increases the water handling capability by up to 60% over other products. Products that weigh as much as 26% more add weight and stress on your gutters.

6. The patented Perma-Life (TM) coating will not fade of chalk and is not affected by corrosive acid rain.

The First. The Best. The #1 Choice.

The First. Acquiring its first patent in 1981, Gutter Helmet was the first professionally installed gutter protection system on the market.

The Best. With seven patents and a proven ability to withstand the harshest elements, Gutter Helmet protects your home all year long.

The #1 Choice. The Gutter Helmet system has been installed over existing gutters on more homes than all other professionally installed products combined.

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