The Nyhof organization has been furnishing quality materials and services to home and commercial builders for the past 40 years.  They have the equipment and manpower to do the job right.  The Nyhof complete service includes extras which relate to your ultimate comfort, providing a complete, dependable, professional service.

Nyhof products and services go beyond the requirements for the Wisconsin Energy Star Home program to provide ultimate in comfort and values.

Cellulose Spray-On Insulation

Cellulose Spray-On Insulation meets the standards set by the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes Program for rated R-value, with no voids, no gaps, no airflow through insulation, no misalignment, and no compression in wall, floor, ceiling, knee wall or roof insulation. The high performance custom fit insulation that assures your family’s comfort and lowers your energy costs.

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SPF from Rooftek®

In use for more than 30 years, SPF is proving its dominance against other insulators in the market.  It is more durable – even in the toughest elements – and more effective in protecting against the movement of air, heat and moisture.  This minimizes dew point problems and condensation within the building envelope, which is the main cause of building deterioration over time.

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