New Year’s resolutions for your home

winterhouseIn between mailing Christmas cards, and singing Auld Lang Syne – or maybe after all that – it’s a great time to think about ways to improve your home next year and start making concrete plans. It’s time for New Year’s resolutions for your home!

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to invest in improving your home in 2017, whether you’re planning to sell or just want a more efficient home. Regardless of the “why,” the “when” is now. Here are 5 ideas for changes to make in your home in the new year.

  • Get out a notebook. This is the perfect time to make a list of all those little projects and problems that you notice through the year but never have time to plan for. Are you tired of cleaning clogged gutters? Write it down, and then write “Gutter Helmet.” Have you had enough of scraping and painting window frames? Write it down, along with a note to check into new vinyl replacement windows. Is your home’s exterior faded and dull? Write that down too – maybe new siding is in your future. 

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It’s winter: Are your gutters protected from the elements?

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.22.12 PMIt’s getting colder and wetter by the day, so now is a perfect time to talk about how to protect your gutters and roofline from winter weather damage.

Gutter Helmet is, of course, the first step. A roof, of sorts, for your gutter, it blocks anything but water from getting in. Using surface tension – the elasticity of water that makes its molecules stick together – Gutter Helmet encourages rainwater to cling to its textured surface and slide into the gutter.

But even perfectly managed runoff will still freeze, and we have a solution for that problem: Helmet Heat.

Helmet Heat is actually self-regulating cables that keep snow and water from freezing in your gutters or forming ice dams on your roof. In our area, these are both significant problems and keeping the gutter and roofline healthy is key to prolonging the life of both.

Nyhof Custom Gutter & Aluminum has been selling Gutter Helmet for almost 20 years because it’s proved itself a great product. When we introduced it to the Sheboygan County area in the mid-90s, covering the gutter’s opening except for a small slit for the water to enter was a totally new concept. It’s not a revolutionary idea anymore, but Gutter Helmet is still the cream of the crop. Priced for the budget-conscious homeowner and with a lifetime warranty, there is no downside to Gutter Helmet. If your gutters are in good shape, we can install Gutter Helmet over them no matter what kind they are.

And let’s talk about that lifetime warranty, too. That means if anything goes wrong with your Gutter Helmet ever, we come out and fix it, no questions asked.

Helmet Heat is an essential part of the Gutter Helmet system in this climate, because it is a safe and reliable way to keep ice dams from forming, saving you not only the damage they can do but also the hard labor of breaking up the dams yourself. Our experts are well-trained and can get the cables hooked up to your home’s electricity quickly so you can stop thinking about your gutters at all.

Nyhof Custom Gutter & Aluminum is the only dealer of Gutter Helmet in the region. Let us take a look at your gutters and help them live a little longer – and save you a truckload of work at the same time.

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Spring Tour of Homes: Take a look at what we can do

schba-The Sheboygan County Home Builders Association is doing something a little different this year – a springtime look at the latest and greatest design and home construction ideas.

The Spring Tour of Homes, on April 16-17, is a tour of eight new construction or remodeled homes that showcase what our local builders can do and – more importantly – what companies like ours add to those projects.

We’re proud to say that both work and materials from United Building Supply and Nyhof Custom Gutter & Aluminum are prominently featured on seven out of the eight homes on the tour.

Here’s a list:

  • House 1: 14625 Point Creek Road, Newton, by Dave Zelm Prestige Builders

United Building Supply supplied the green siding, soffit and fascia, and windows

Nyhof Custom Gutters supplied and installed the home’s gutters

  • House 2: 212 Trillium Court, Kiel, by Hillcrest Builders

Nyhof Custom Gutters supplied and installed the home’s gutters

  • House No. 3: W5454 County Highway EH, Elkhart Lake, by Kraus Construction

Nyhof Custom Gutters supplied and installed the home’s gutters

  • House No. 4: N7423 County Road CJ, Plymouth, by Trademark Builders

Nyhof Custom Gutters supplied and installed the home’s gutters

  • House No. 5: 1112 Prairie Meadows, Plymouth, by Hillcrest Builders

Nyhof Custom Gutters supplied and installed the home’s gutters

  • House No. 6: W1823 Heathmor Drive, Sheboygan’s north side, by Hillcrest Builders

Nyhof Custom Gutters supplied and installed the home’s gutters

  • House No. 8: 2616 Creekview Court, Sheboygan’s south side, by Werner Homes

United Building Supply supplied the siding and shake

Nyhof Custom Gutters supplied and installed the home’s gutters

The tour is a great way for you to check out what both United Building Supply and Nyhof Custom Gutters can do. Area homeowners who want to spruce up the exterior of their homes – siding, windows, gutters and more – and builders who are need a huge variety of reliable, high-quality and on-time supplies, we are here for you!

Here are the details about the Spring Tour:

Tickets are $5, and they’re available at any of the homes on the tour or at a variety of retail stores in Sheboygan County. Children under 3 are free, and the homes are open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.

You can start your tour at any of the homes on the list and see them in any order you like, all in one day or over the two days. Your first tour home will provide you with a guide book, and you will be able to speak with builders at each home to ask questions. Shoes have to be removed in each home and foot coverings are provided.

If you’re headed to the tour, or have some free time and are interested, check out the work and materials from Nyhof Custom Gutter and United Building Supply.

For more information about the Spring Tour of Homes:



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Is it time for new gutters? 8 signs to look for

OverflowingGutter3When the spring rains start to pound, it’s only natural to look up and wonder how your gutters are faring. How do you know when it’s time to replace them? Here are 8 signs you need new gutters.

  1. Cracks or splits
    Although small cracks don’t seem like a big deal, they will eventually get bigger and allow water to seep into the fascia boards, shingles and foundation, rotting the wood and causing serious damage.
  2. Peeling paint
    Failing gutters will wreck a good paint job every time, so check the painted surfaces of your gutters for signs of bubbling or peeling paint. Check the sections of gutter nearest the signs of damage — if there’s damage to the gutters, you might need to replace them.
  3. Clogs
    In gutters without Gutter Helmet, some clogging is natural. Sometimes, though, clogging indicates that is a crack in the gutter is allowing debris to build up and block the flow of water, or that the gutters haven’t been installed correctly. If you’re always cleaning out clogged gutters, take a closer look.
  4. Watermarks or water damage under the home; wet basement
    When water leaks out of your gutters, it lands on the ground next to your house. Overflowing water can seep through your foundation and into your basement, and we don’t have to tell you why that’s a bad thing. If you notice water on the ground outside your house or dampness in your basement, your gutters might be the culprit.
  5. Gutters are separating from the house
    If your gutters are pulling away from your roof, you might have to replace at least the affected sections and possibly the entire gutter system.
  6. Mildew, rust or organic growth
    When rainwater sits in a damaged gutter, it encourages plants and bugs to take up residence there. If you see mildew on walls or around windows, doors or trim, check your gutters carefully. Rust on the grass or concrete under your gutters indicates corrosion. If any of these things are visible, get your gutters inspected.
  7. Rotted shingles
    When blockages cause rainwater to back up in your gutters, it can seep upwards into the shingles and cause the outside edge of your roof to rot. If you see shingles curling or disintegrating, this is probably why.
  8. Broken fasteners, missing nails or screws
    If one of the pieces of metal that attaches your gutter to the roof breaks, it can probably be replaced. If it happens repeatedly, you have a problem. And if you’re finding nails or screws on the ground, that means your gutters aren’t holding to the fascia the way they should be.

If you’re unsure about the quality of your gutters or if you spot any of these warning signs, give Nyhof Custom Gutters a call. We’ll inspect your gutters and give you a trustworthy assessment of what your issues are and what you should do about them.

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